Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flat pop

Ello again, I have been way too busy over the last few weeks. SORRY!!  ^^'

Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that flat gingerale and some random Chinese music make for great writing material.  (NaNoWriMo is stealing my soul again this year).

Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou

The song in the video was mashed by someone on the interweb.  It is GLORIOUS.  At least to me. :D

But as I was saying, NaNoWriMo has stolen my soul again, but this year, I'm writing a mystery, and I'm way behind, so I have to put down the solo tuba music and the blog until I write 16000+ words tonight.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Then there were five!

[Pin's eating.  Poppy reporting!]
As a new correspondant, I am here to introduce myself and my tank mates!
I am Poppy, a red tailed female betta.  My tank mates are Ponyo, a blue female betta, Pandy, a dark red tailed female betta, and Perky, a blue tailed female betta.  We all live in a ten gallon tank that sits next to Pinyin's tank.

So, I happened to be flopping about, and hopped into our owner's dream journal!  Here's what she wrote:

I'm running through streets that I don't know.  Panic is screaming in my brain, making any rational thought impossible.

I check over my shoulder at the shouts that I can hear from behind.  Three men, gangsters of sorts, chase after me, their white work shirts unbuttoned and flapping in the wind to reveal muscle shirts and a leather gun holster.

The alley that I run down opens into a busier street.  I grab the brick wall with my right hand to help me turn faster, and in the process, I can feel the skin on my palm scrape aagainst the rough surface of the wall.

Someone rushes into my path, and I freeze.  His hands grab my wrists in such a tight grip that my hands tingle. 

"What's your name," he says, gazing into my eyes.  His voice is as cold as steel, and his almond eyes show the same emotion as I managed to mutter my name.

The three persuers come out of the alley and turn towards me again.  The person with a death grip on my wrists sees them sprinting around the corner and he pulls me into an embrace, burying my face in his chest.

He yells at them in a language that I don't understand.  The three yell back.

I hear the cocking of a gun.

The explosion.

And I feel my breath rush out of me.

And I wake up.

That's all folks, good night from Pinyin's Tank o' Glory!

[no betta fish escaped in the making of this blog]

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feed me!

Good evening from the prairies!  Pinyin reporting.
Tonight, Rae-Rae still has to feed me, but life is good.  I swam around all day long, and rebuilt a part of my bubble nest. 

Now, I get mny a question about what food I prefer, and here's my answer: I like the pellet food from Aqueon.  Flakes are gross man!
Now, I hear that there are freeze dried Blood Worm and cubes of White Mosquito Larvae... I would kill for some of that!

But yes.  Pellets are more nutritionally balanced then the flakes.  Nutrafin, though they promise healthy food, focus mainly on waste elimination.  So that means I get constipated, and you don't have to clean the tank so often, because I CAN'T POOP!!!

Have a great night, from the Tank o' Glory
Pinyin and Rae-Rae

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning to Type with Fins.

Good evening all, from the Canadian prairies!  My name is Pinyin the Betta Fish, and who knew that typing was so hard?  I mean, you humans have it easy with those long pink things at the end of those pink flabby things that are attached to your fins. 

Oh?  My correspondant tells me that the long things are your fingers, and the flabby things are hands.  Am I correct?

Why am I here?  I am here to help you, the new and the veteran pet keepers make good choices when taking care of us.  I am but a low, humble fish, but if I cannot speak out for the general population of mistreated, under nourished pets in the world, weather furred, scaled, gilled or feathered, then who will?

So, for my first entry, I will, in my amazing intelligence, let you humans know what you need to take care of my kind.
*cough cough*

You will need:
*a 2.5 gallon or larger fish tank with a lighted hood
*Water dechlorinator
*Proper fish food
*a heater
*a thermometer
*a filter
*a place for my kind to hide

The tank should be at least 2.5 gallons.  Otherwise, you will have to clean the tank twice a week.

*cough cough*

1) Rinse everything that will be going into the tank with hot water.  Pour the gravel into a seive and rinse it like that.  It's easier that way. 
2) Rinse the inside of the tank with hot water.  Windex the outside, but squirt the chemicals onto the paper towel.
3) Set up my tank as you see fit.  PLEASE use silk plants or real plants.  Plastic plants can cut my fins (and then I can write to you anymore)
4) Fill the tank, and start the filter.  Make sure to add the dechlorinator!  It will remove the chlorine in the water, as well as coat my slime barier to make sure that I won't catch Ich or Velvet. (YAY for being healthy!)
5) Wait a few days, and have the water tested.  If the Nitrate and Nitrite levels are fine, then buy your new fish!! :D
*****REMEMBER that you can only put ONE male betta PER TANK!!!  We will fight each other to the death other wise*****
6) Bring me home, and FEED ME!
There you go, easy peasy, and I'll be fine!

Tune in next time for food suggestions!
Pinyin and (owner/staff) Rae-Rae